Finding a job in the Netherlands?

At Korndewal our job is to find you a suitable employer and job that fits your personality ambitions and meets your expectations. Allthough we want to help as many people as possible most of our cliënts require a good command of the Dutch language both written and spoken.

The number of cliënts that are ready to onboard new colleagues with a good command of the English language is starting to grow but we are still experiencing working permit related challenges with applicants from outside of the European Union.

Because most cliënts do not meet the required salary for highly skilled migrants we are not able to hire people from outside of the European Union yet. To help applicants from outside of the European Union we summarised some important information from the IND below.

Working in the Netherlands

You wish to work in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit for this. Sometimes you also need a work permit (TWV). Whether you can get a residence permit and a work permit depends on your situation. It also depends on the type of work you want to do.


Highly Skilled Migrant

You wish to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant. You need a residence permit for this. What are the conditions for this residence permit? And how does the application procedure work?

Salary criteria 2020

  • Highly skilled migrants 30 years or older € 4,612 gross per month
  • Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years € 3,381 gross per month
  • Reduced salary criterion € 2,423 gross per month
  • European Blue Card € 5,403 gross per month


Public Recognised Sponsors

A recognised sponsor can apply for a residence permit for, for example, employees or students. See which organisations are recognised sponsors.


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ICT detavast

Bij ICT detavast werven wij een ICT professional voor uw organisatie die u na 950 uur inhuur kosteloos kunt overnemen.

ICT detavast constructie


ICT project detachering

Bij ICT project detachering kunt u op basis van een all-in uurtarief tijdelijk over de expertise van ervaren ICT professionals beschikken.

ICT Project Detachering


ICT werving en selectie

Bij ICT werving en selectie verzorgen wij op basis van “no cure no pay” de werving van ICT professionals tegen een vooraf overeengekomen fee.

ICT Werving & Selectie


ICT recruitment consultancy

Bij recruitment consultancy kunt u op basis van een all-in uurtarief tijdelijk over de expertise van een ervaren ICT recruitment consultant beschikken.

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